Countervail Corporation


Exclusive worldwide license agreement signed with the University of California at San Diego for two new, novel oxime drug technologies.

In the expansion of Countervail’s organophosphorus (OP) medical countermeasures, two novel oxime drug technologies were licensed from the University of California, San Diego. Similar to an existing antidote currently used, one of the acquired oxime technologies offers improved reactivation of a critical nervous system enzyme called acetylcholinesterase that is inhibited when exposed to OP toxins such as nerve agents or OP pesticides. The second oxime technology catalytically reactivates the naturally occurring enzyme, butyrylcholinesterase that acts as an OP scavenger to inactivate the toxin. Both molecular classes were designed by a Nobel prize winning molecular chemist at The Scripps Institute. Countervail has acquired the worldwide commercialization rights to both molecule classes.