Countervail Corporation

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The Countervail Corporation

Countervail Corporation was formed in June 2007 to commercialize galantamine as an antidote to volatile nerve gas and pesticide poisoning.

Use of the drug has consistently demonstrated its effectiveness, over the years, which prompted Countervail to acquire two additional complimentary drug technologies in 2014. In 2015, two novel complementary oxime drug technologies were acquired.

As a result of its success in the biotechnology industry, Countervail has garnered the support of federal funding, through grants and contracts, which it applies to the continued development of its drug technologies projects.

Countervail’s technologies are protected by issued and pending patents worldwide.


Mr. G. William Basinger Jr., Chief Executive Officer And President
Dr. Richard Gammans, Ph.D., MSM; Director of Drug Development
Dr. Kristin Clement, Ph.D., Product Development Specialist
Dr. Edson Albuquerque, MD, Ph.D.,
Principle Investigator/Technical Consultant
Dr. Palmer Taylor, Ph.D., Technical Consultant
Dr. Robert Schiff, Ph.D., RAC, CQA, Regulatory Consultant